Lirot association was founded with the aim of locating efficient treatments for all eye diseases, particularly  those diseases leading to blindness,  and to bring relief and salvation for persons suffering from vision loss and blindness.


 Our goals are to fund research in Blindness prevention and to increase public awareness of the importance of preventive care in order to reduce the number of people affected by eye diseases in Israel.


Lirot 10 years achievements

Special edition celebrating Lirot’s 10th anniversary

  • 16 million shekel financed tens of research projects in blindness prevention
  • Providing annual scholarships for exceptional young researchers
  • 8 consecutive years promoting the Annual Eye Health Awareness Month
  • Ophthalmology conferences for at risk populations
  • Three Internet websites with live seminars and forums on eye diseases
  • Vision screening for thousands of children in kindergartens to detect amblyopia and sight problems that can be cured by treatment by an ophthalmologist.
  • 11,000 eye checkups of senior citizens and Holocaust survivors all over Israel using the Eye Mobile.
  • 30% of the elderly checked were saved from vision impairment or blindness
  • 27,000 hours of volunteers, doctors and professionals supporting Lirot’s activities in blindness prevention.

ללא שם

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