Lirot association was founded with the aim of locating efficient treatments for all eye diseases, particularly  those diseases leading to blindness,  and to bring relief and salvation for persons suffering from vision loss and blindness.


 Our goals are to fund research in Blindness prevention and to increase public awareness of the importance of preventive care in order to reduce the number of people affected by eye diseases in Israel.


                     Lirot Achievements

  • Our 2014-5 achievements 
  • Financing research
  • Providing scholarships for exceptional researchers
  • Annual Eye Health Awareness Month in December
  • Ophthalmology conferences for at risk populations
  • Internet website with live seminars and forums on eye diseases
  • Vision screening for children


ללא שם


                     Lirot Projects


LIROT is promoting a unique project, essential for future personalized treatment of photoreceptor degenerative diseases

Eye screening of children in Israel Vision in Preschoolers-Lirot VIP program (click over the link)

Mapping Genetic Eye Diseases in Israel (click over the link)

Consortium to Genetically Screen All Israelis with Inherited Retinal Diseases (click over the link)

Eye Health Mobile project for elderly in need  (click over the link)

An article about the eye mobile project from the annual magazine regarding eye health preventive medicine in cooperation with the Israeli Ophthalmology Society.(click over the link)