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Lirot early childhood screening

In December 2016 we started our project aimed at screening  about 3000 kindergarten children with the plus optix camera .

The project is funded by a few foundations and started December 2016 and will last until March 2017.

We have a very good staff of professional optometricians who are assigned to check one kindergarten a day with around 35 children age 4 and 5.The project is coordinated by our eye mobile project manager and we have a children eye doctor Dr Yuval Cohen, the head of the eye children department at Hillel Yaffe hospital ,who is the medical advisor and supervisor.

We started the screening in the Arab region in the city of Gיat and the Jewish region of Emek Hefer.

Until now we send around 10% of the screened children for further medical checkup at the family HMO or at the Hillel Yaffe hospital .

Thanks to generous grants we are happy to be able to run this important program and I am sure we will be able to save many children sights.

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Eye mobile project for holocaust survivors

Thanks to a grant from Foundation for the memory of the Holocaust-France and Shocken foundation

Gratitude letter

Final report

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Special edition


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July Eye Health and Diabetes magazine

Link to all the magazine – sorry only in Hebrew


Genetics of Blinding Eye Diseases in the Family –

Invitation in English    Invitation in Hebrew

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LIROT is promoting a unique project, essential for future personalized treatment of photoreceptor degenerative diseases

Eye screening of children in Israel Vision in Preschoolers-Lirot VIP program (click over the link)

Mapping Genetic Eye Diseases in Israel (click over the link)

Consortium to Genetically Screen All Israelis with Inherited Retinal Diseases (click over the link)

Eye Health Mobile project for elderly in need  (click over the link)

An article about the eye mobile project from the annual magazine regarding eye health preventive medicine in cooperation with the Israeli Ophthalmology Society.(click over the link)

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