Lirot Presentation 2017

Lirot in the Jewish week of London

Eye Health Awareness film december 2016

More than a million israel citizens were exposed to the film

Novartis Innovating for Patients 2015 Event

Summary_Innovating for Patients 2015_Results_July 6

Innovating for Patients – Global Patient Forum 2015 – Agenda



Children vision screening at Kiryat Moshe youth center in Rehovot

Eye screening of children in Israel Vision in Preschoolers-Lirot VIP program (click over the link to read the article)


Eye Health Mobile project for elderly in need

Click over the icon above the arrow for English subtitles

ללא שם





The 34th meeting of the Israeli Society of Vision and Eye Research

(ISVER 2014)


Mobile Eye Clinic For Elderly in Need 

New-York pics 03.05.2012

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the lectures from the event



Giving the Gift of Light – about lirot association by Nadine Hollander, CEO of Lirot

First Ever Ophthalmology Conference Between Israeli and Palestinian Medical Professionals – 09/2011

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